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DXM solves the historical liquidity mismatch between mortgages with 30 year legal final maturity and investors seeking assets with maturities at any point along the yield curve. This solution is designed to attract non-traditional investors such as mutual funds into an increasing liquidity constrained RMBS market.

AI Energy Technologies

AI Energy Technologies optimizes energy production efficiency in power plants, enabling them to produce the same amount of energy with less fossil fuels. Use of this technology has been proven to provide a significant ROI to utility companies while providing substantial reduction in CO2 and other toxic emissions.

AI Energy Partners

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology platform that increases the energy production efficiency of power plants, lowers costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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Crowley Cellular

Crowley Cellular was initially capitalized with $5,000 in 1983. During the next seven years, the company became the second largest privately-held wireless company in America. Upon its sale between 1989 and 1990, the company returned 48 times its original equity investments of its venture-capital backers.

Salmon PCS

Founded in 2003 as a joint venture between the Crowley Group/Blackstone and AT&T Wireless, Salmon PCS undertook the successful development and operation of 45 wireless networks throughout the US. In 2008, the company was sold to AT&T Wireless.


Crowley Infrastructure Development Group (CIDG) is a master developer in Central Europe with a primary focus on Poland. The company has served as the primary outside advisor to the architect of Warsaw. CIDG is also a leading provider of airport redevelopment planning. Immediate past projects include Krakow and Wroclaw airports.

Crowley Data Poland

The principals of The Crowley Group founded Crowley Data Poland (“CDP”) in 1999 (venture backed by The Blackstone Group). CDP built and operated Central Europe’s largest fixed wireless broadband operator, with networks in Poland’s 11 most important cities. Prior to its sale in 2012, the company had four straight years as the fastest growing telecom in the country. CDP was sold to Netia, Poland’s largest alternative telecom operator, for a price equivalent to a 78% premium to Netia’s own trading EBITDA multiple.



LEEDIR (Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository) is a cloud based platform that can be activated by law enforcement and relief agencies during major emergency events to collect, manage, analyze and share virtually unlimited amounts of eyewitness photos, videos and text. When activated, (i) eyewitnesses can submit multimedia information via the LEEDIR mobile apps (iOS and Android) and the LEEDIR website and (ii) collaborating agencies can securely manage, analyze and share information rapidly. LEEDIR is built on expandable cloud server infrastructure in order to process massive amounts of data.

Out There Media

Out There Media (OTM) is a global leader in Mobile Advertising. OTM has an impressive roster of clients like Unilever, P&G, Nestle, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Pepsico, BMW, or VW and their respective media/creative agencies and mobile network operators like Deutsche Telekom Group (T-Mobile), Telenor Group, Digi, Maxis, Smart Telecom (PLDT), Globe Telecom, STC, Starhub, XL and Indosat. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Greece.

CarSaver is a fast, fun and easy way for American car-buyers to find the car they want for the price they want to pay. CarSaver provides car-buyers with offers to buy, finance and insure their next vehicle, all in one place, with the help of a Personal Auto Advisor who assist through the entire process.

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